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Royal Red Nails

Sizing kit

Sizing kit

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                        *Please note*


* Custom nail sets available.

* If you don’t fit into one size, custom nails can take 5-7 business days for shipping and prep work. Thank you.

Not sure of your nail size?

 Having a hard time with measuring?

Why not order a sizing kit to ensure the perfect fit for your set or future sets.

This kit contains, blank nails labeled with numbers for you to measure against your natural nails at home, to ensure the perfect sizing.

make sure you note down your sizes and keep them safe for future orders!

Nail kits are shipped first when added to an order, proceed to purchase the set of choice and select the "sizing kit" for the desired shape & length and use "custom" as nail size.

once order is placed, we'll send you a sizing kit. Email the sizes for each nail along with your order number. (Left- Thumb, Pointer, Middle, Ring, Pinky / Right- Thumb, Pointer, Middle, Ring, Pinky) or you may take a picture of the kit card filled out.

You may order a sizing kit First separately, then use the info to make your order on your set.

Send Email to

That's it! We will work on your order and contact you when it's ready for shipping.

Please note, my sizing kits are specific to the brand of press on nails that I use, and therefore can only be used to accurately size your nails for my press on sets and not others.


Care information

These nails have both a matted and shiny top coats. Can be washed with regular hand soap, or dish soap.

Please do not use harsh chemicals on nails.

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